Snårestad Vingård is located 12 km west of Ystad in the rolling landscape between Österlen and Söderslätt. We are located on the slopes down to the sea along the gravel road between Snårestad village and the beach, a stretch that both Linnaeus and the author Slas, Stig Claesson have walked at intervals of a few hundred years. The proximity to the sea, around one kilometer, provides an even climate throughout the year and the southern slope towards the sea provides an optimal sun exposure for the vines. The soil is heavy clay with elements of limestone. We planted our first grapes in 2010 and have increased the number to about 1000 pieces divided into three different varieties, Solaris, Cabernet Cortis and Siramé.

The farm is a farm dating from the mid-19th century and now in the early 2000s it is a vineyard. In the old cowshed, we built a winery that was completely finished in 2016. The same year we sold our first wines. Today there is a selection of our wines at various local restaurants in Skåne. We who are happy owners of this vineyard are Marguerite and Staffan.

Our ambition is to make quality craft wines every year where the vintage reflects
growing season. Our northern climate and the grapes we have give us opportunities for fruity wines with balanced acids.

We have chosen to ferment and store the wines in stainless steel tanks. A more rounded wine style gets the wines from being stored for at least a year on the fine yeast in the tanks, “sur lie”, before the wines are bottled. We produce white, orange and red wines. We do not “pass” the must to our white wines, nor do we filter any of our wines before bottling.

For information on available wines, sales and visits, please contact Snårestad