With your membership, you support the establishment of the Swedish Wine Industry.
Here on the website and Facebook SBOV, the Swedish Industry Organization for Oenology & Viticulture

SBOV, you get continuous information about:

  • Swedish Wines, reviews, etc
  • Swedish Wineries, where it is located, who runs it, how to visit, etc
  • Knowledge and competence development in viticulture and vinification
  • Access to a Facebook group for members only to discuss issues around cultivation, vinification, and other things that we want to discuss as winemaker

A member of the association can be the company that is a professional wine producer in Sweden based on
grapes grown in Sweden and are warehouse keepers approved by the Swedish Tax Agency, as well as companies such as
only grows grapes in Sweden for the production of wine in collaboration with the former
member companies, and who want to work for the association’s purpose and undertake to follow the association’s
statutes pay its membership fee and do not run counter to the association’s purpose and goals.
To co-opted members without voting rights can be admitted companies that aim to soon
meet the requirements to become a member.

The membership fee is SEK 50 per year.
The service fee is SEK 1949 per year.

SBOV, the Swedish Industry Organization for Oenology & Viticulture
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