The Swedish Industry Association for Oenology and Viticulture (SBOV) and Sweden’s Crafts Council (SHR) created the opportunity to obtain a worthy qualification in viticulture and winemaking profession through practice and education. First as a Gesällprov and then a Mästarprov.

The profession in viticulture and oenology has its center in the practical work. In order to take the journeyman exam, a minimum of 4,800 hours of experience and education which of these, at least two-thirds must be practical work experience. The profession itself covers both cultivation and processing. The person who wishes to receive these letters must demonstrate practical and theoretical proficiency in all aspects of the wine growing year and in wine processing. To name a selection of the criteria, it means everything from different types of winter pruning and fertilizer planning to recognizing some common wine faults. After the journeyman’s certificate and 10,000 hours of documented work experience, it is possible to acquire a master’s certificate. Then the person must pass SHR’s master’s training and a technical interview with SBOV’s vocational board.

To read more about the provisions of Gesällprov and Mästarprov, please visit Sweden’s Handcrafts Council under the link below

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