The Board
Sweden’s Industry Association for Oenology and Viticulture was formed in 2021. The association is non-profit. The association was founded to focus on commercial winegrowers.

The auditor reviews the Board’s work in terms of its financial management and operational focus. The discharge from liability for the Board regarding the previous year’s operations is asked at the Annual General Meeting. A nomination committee prepares proposals for the Board’s staffing, presented and decided at the Annual General Meeting.

The board year 2022-2023

Emma Serner
Emma SernerChairman
Göran Amnegård
Göran AmnegårdBoard member
 Anders Norberg
Anders NorbergBoard member
K Felix G Åhrberg
K Felix G ÅhrbergBoard member
Johan Öberg,
Johan Öberg,Board member
Philip Wikholm
Philip WikholmBoard member

Board deputies

Bengt Åkesson
Bengt ÅkessonBoard deputies

Meeting structure

The board meets once a month, where each board member engages in various projects related to the purpose, goals, and vision. The board meeting is recorded in the minutes.