Family-owned Lottenlund Estate offers experiences close to nature and tasty products through our wines and distillates, with an informative and sustainable, long-term thinking.

We grow grapes in 2 different locations, partly 7 ha in Allerum and partly 1.5 ha in Segelstorp’s beach on the Bjäre Peninsula. On the farm there is also apple growing and beekeeping. Bees play an important role in our business. In addition to grapes and apples, we also grow vegetables, fruit and flowers to give the bees the right conditions to collect nectar and contribute to a vibrant countryside. From press residues, apples and other fruits we grow on the farm, we produce various distillates and gin.

By visiting us, you get an insight into a winemaker’s everyday life and what conditions we have in the Swedish wine industry now and in the future.