The vineyard is located in the small village Flädie outside Lomma in western Skåne. The place is about 4 km northeast of the coast and therefore has a rather distinctive climate somewhere between the coast and inland. The cultivation site is located on a southwestern slope with good sun exposure. Today, five different grape varieties are grown here, Solaris, Rondo, Cabernet Cortis, Phônix, and Leon Millot. The grape varieties are distributed on just under 9,000 plants on ​​about 2.5 hectares of mineral-rich clay soil.

Flädie winery was established in 2007 and was taken over in the spring of 2020 by the Wikholm family, which already owns Assmåsa Vingård. Our philosophy is that the health and natural balance of the vine and soil are evident in the character of the grapes, in addition, the need for tractor driving and spraying of sulfur is reduced when you have healthy vines.

Above all, we try to give as much love as we can to each individual vine, and this is made possible in part by our volunteer strength Vinvännerna – a group of passionate wine lovers who help us in our management from shortly after pruning in February until the end of the growing season in October.

At Flädie winery, we believe that the place of growth and the vintage should be reflected in all vintage-designated wines – if there is no potential for a specific wine style, then we do a little more of something else that year. Our focus is not on quantity but on quality and excellence in all our wines. Our long-term goal is to produce some of the best wines in Sweden and to help put Sweden on the international wine map.