Here are suggestions for vision, purpose, objectives, activities, and some brief thoughts on funding opportunities intended to form the basis for a more extended discussion within the committee. Once we know what we want to achieve, developing a slightly more solid organization is also easier.


Swedish wine industry – an industry among others in the food sector.

Purpose of the business and collaboration with SBOV:

To create conditions for developing the winning industry into a professional industry – with viable companies, international competitiveness, high competence, and strong development ability.

Activities in the group:

  • Work to increase the number of wineries and producers who support themselves in Sweden’s winery. Increase interest in starting up vineyards with younger people – possibly complement other agriculture.
  • Work to enable a transition to a professional industry.
  • Create a sensory lab in Kristianstad that will be ready for use in January 2022.
  • Establish education in wine production at a Swedish university within five years.
  • Initiate research projects on Swedish viticulture at universities and colleges.
  • Conduct opinion formation about the possibility of growing and producing Swedish wine.
  • Initiate training/courses for business development and innovation management for winegrowers/producers.
  • Initiate wine discussions on issues such as what characterizes Swedish wine.
  • Work to ensure the quality of Swedish wine.
  • Initiate project applications to start/implement wine projects in different organizations.
  • Establish a platform for wine development in Sweden.