Frillestads Vingård is the small family winery with its own winery. It is run by us two enthusiasts with a great interest in wine and viticulture.

We have been educated through the course Nordic Viticulture at SLU Alnarp, Viticulture and winemaking at the German State Viticulture Institute in Freiburg, courses in wine chemistry, pruning techniques, wine tasting techniques, etc. as well as participation in various international conferences.

Today we are inside our second vineyard located in Frillestad just east of Helsingborg.

Successively since 2010, we have planted a total of 1,150 seedlings of the green grapes Solaris and Johanniter as well as the blue varieties Bolero, Rondo and Cabaret Noir. All so-called piwi plants. This means that they can withstand frost better and have better resistance to diseases, e.g., mildew.

Now, after 15 years of operation, we feel that we have begun to find the suitable methods for our terroir. It has earned us a number of medals for the wines both at IWA in Spain and PIWI awards in Germany.

We grow sustainably with an organic focus and fertilize with natural fertilizers. Everything that is cut in the vineyard during winter pruning and summer trimming is shredded to the ground with our compost grinder. Everything that is left over during the fermentation of the wines is composted and returned to the vineyard.

We sell our wines to Systembolaget and some selected restaurants. They have been very popular, and with our small volumes they will soon run out.

During the summer, we have wine tastings and tours of the winery and winery for a limited number of visitors at each occasion. This is to be able to have a more personal dialogue about our thoughts on viticulture and our wines.